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Welcome to the Senior Management Service Conference official Website.


1. Introduction

The first GPG Senior Management Conference project which was attended by 300 managers was launched on 06 March 2003, under a theme “Managing for Best Practice Service Delivery”.

2. Purpose

The purpose of the SMS Conference project is at one level, to contribute to the improvement of state management and leadership capacity and capability, and at another, to contribute to the improved engagement and interface between the political and the administrative leadership. The underlying outcome is enabling effective relationships between political and administrative leadership for a seamless service delivery. It is a therefore a response to the call for increased focus on state leadership capacity and capability.

The SMS Conference project is part of and is informed by the Provincial Management and Leadership Development Strategic Framework, which provides the leadership capacity development architecture as well as the strategic direction for system. The leadership architecture provides for three phases:

(i) Professional Development Phase, which focuses th development of core managerial competencies;
(ii) Core Development Phase, which focuses on the understanding of public service legislative and policy frameworks and
(iii) Transition Support Phase, which focuses on fast tracking identified individuals. The Conference is positioned within the Core Development Phase. Through engagement and sharing of experiences between political and administrative leadership, the managers’ understanding and knowledge of public policy and implementation thereof is improved.

3. Objectives

The 2013 SMS Conference provides an opportunity to reflect on past 20 years of service delivery leadership in a democratic developmental state, and to consolidate, formulate and communicate future strategies and priorities to senior provincial leadership. The broad objectives of 2013 SMS Conference is to:

1. Strengthening the political-administrative service delivery leadership interface, strategies and organisational ethos;
2. Building a common awareness and vision of required leadership ethics, accountability and responsibility to improve service delivery ; Continuous review of service delivery challenges, identifying effective strategies on implementation of Gauteng Vision 2055; and
3. Build a capable state by leveraging leadership talent development and capacity development strategies

   Date: 14th November 2013
   Venue: Birchwood Conference Centre
   Time: 08H00- 17H00

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